A common quote out here is "It takes an island to raise a child". We truly believe that along with a strong involved family it takes a noble and positive community that believes in the power of supporting the importance of a farm community. It's about making small choices everyday of where and how you source your food that turns into big change. We are one of many thriving farms on this island surrounded by ocean, basked in sun and crawling with life.  Our daughter's desire to be a farmer and be apart of something that threads us all together is our inspiration. We believe in the basic principle "it's our roots that matter" in the cultivating and creating of a superior product. Try our jam and see what all the fuss is about. We dare you not to taste summer in every bite.


Our farm has been inspired by our very own "Little Island Chick" and it's growth is always evolving. We offer fresh flowers, small batch jam that comes from the strawberries fields that grace our lands and of course eggs of all shapes and sizes. We are located in Olga which is on the east side of Orcas Island, Washington in the Puget Sound.

Proudly created by mom. 

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